The Mobile Notary goes to  Los Angeles, Wayside Detention, in Castaic, Jails, Pitchess Detention Center, NCCF, in Santa Clarita, Hospitals, Detention Centers, Courts, Airports, Hotels, Escrow. Notaries provided  services to ATTORNEYS, loan officers, lenders, Los Angeles County Clerk

Fees for notarization at jails, courts, and detention centers are between $100 - $250 for the first hour, depending on the location. Any time over an hour is billed at $30 every hour

Affidavit of Inability to Appear for a Marriage License for most jails is between $100 and $150.  Mobile Notary fees.

Wayside Honor Ranch or  Pitchess Detention Center, in Castaic.Valencia. CA -91384

Power attorney in fact notarized with a copy 

The price includes both the notarization and wedding service. Services start at $ 200  at Pitchess dertention Center, Castaic plus the cost of the marriage license at the county clerk. Please call for a specific quote.
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Payment must be made prior to, or on the day of, the appointment and must be in the form of cash.

NOTE: Please do not purchase the  Marriage license from anybody.   Marriage licenses must be obtained and purchased from the County Recorder at any county of the California

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Pitchess Detection Center (Wayside), East & North Facility  - Castaic
 Pitchess Detention Center, Castaic.CA
                           Inmate Information  213-473-6080
                           Visiting Information, call: (661) 295-8074

 Pitchess detention center, Castaic


          Inmate  notaries are knowledgeable and very familiar with the requirements for marrying an inmate at most jails, prisons, courts and detention centers, including Wayside/Pitchess Detention Center (North County Correctional Facility (NCCF), the South and the East Facility in Castaic, California

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