The Mobile Notary goes to  Los Angeles Superior Court house, Twin Towers, Men's Central Jail, Wayside Detention Centers, Pitchess Detention Center, NCCF, in Santa Clarita, Hospital, Nursing homes,  Courts, Airports, Hotels, Escrow. Notaries provided  services to ATTORNEYS, loan officers, lenders, Los Angeles County Clerk Marriage Services and Notary Mobile services.

   Meet-up!!! at the closer Coffe shop . We are located within the Santa Clarita  zip code 91384.  And our other location at Los Feliz Bld  Glendale  zip code 90009. If you have documents that need to be notarized and want  save on the mobile fees and you can meet one of our notaries at our convenient time frame, discounted $15 Travel Fee plus $10 per notarized signature.  Thanks!!!!!

Real Estate documents, Deed of Trust, Loan signing packet must to be notarized .

Mobile Fees for notarization at jails, courts, and detention centers are  depending on the location, there is an extra  travel fees. Promotion  $ 40 Travel fees in Santa Clarita.
Mobile Notary travel fees apply for miles.  Call for quote  
Notary Fees:
Acknowledgment $ 10
Each signature, per document $10.00   Affidavit, Jurat   
Deposition $20.00 + $5.00 for the oath and $5.00 for the certificate     
Certified Power of Attorney $10.00              
Loan Signing Fees, between $ 125  to $ 150 included printed, documents and  24 hours Delivery
High-quality service online and in person.
Official fees and low rate
Loan Officer, lenders , Escrow and attorneys call for quotes Now  818-683-4746  
Discount for low income and referrals!
Wayside Honor Ranch,  Pitchess Detention Center, in Castaic.Santa Clarita Ca 91384
WEST VALLEY Central Detention Central, 630 E Rialto Ave, San Bernardino
General Power attorney in fact notarized with a copy, Vehicle impound release notarized
Affidavit of inability to appear for a Marriage LicenseThe price includes notarization  at Wayside, Castaic
Plus the cost of the Mobile
$40 Travel fee
Mobile Notary services processing, depending the case
S 125 to $150.
Please call for a specific quote, and  20% discount referral
Helpful Links
 Inmate Information                     NCCF  Wayside Inmate  information 213-473-6080           Visiting Information    Call: (661) 295-807Pitchess Detection Center Wayside North Facility  - Castaic    
Jail Notarization LA MOBILE NOTARY
          Notaries are knowledgeable and very familiar with the requirements for marrying an inmate at most jails, prisons, La Superior  courts and detention centers, Twin Towers at 450 Bouchet St. los Angeles, Men s Central at 441 Bouchet St. Los Angeles  including Wayside/Pitchess Detention Center (North County Correctional Facility (NCCF), the South and NORTH Facility in Castaic, Los Angeles and Kern .
          NOTE: Please do not purchase the  Marriage license from anybody. Marriage licenses must be obtained and purchased from the County Recorder at any county of the California. 
More information Call Toll free today!

Disclaimer:  A Notary Public is not an attorney and is prohibited by law from rendering any kind of legal advice of any nature during  a Notarial Act. Please consult and ask an attorney before any notarization.  
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